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22 Sep, 2022
Candy Moon
To keep you company in the sleepless nights :) Celebratory NFT made for Iminente 2022 // Credits: Animation & Sound Design - Catarina Silva, Music - Purrple Cat, Midnight Snack
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Thumbnail - Fiumani
04 May, 2022
Fiumani - There is No Vision Without Light
Fiumani's There is No Vision Without Light is a series of 52 NFTs about overcoming darkness and moving into light. A symbol of hope and courage, commenting on the perpetual force and willpower needed to search for a brighter future. Stemming from the artist’s own experience with loss, sadness, separation and mourning, There is No Vision Without Light represents an introspective journey of healing, where the physical and intellectual movement of creation has been garnered to overcome the darkness within: art as therapy, as light.
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Thumbnail - Julien Raffin
04 Feb, 2022
Julien Raffin - La Folie des Grandeurs
Julien Raffin’s La Folie Des Grandeurs series is an ongoing reflection surrounding breathless human evolution, modernization and industrial progress, and the impact these developments have had on natural ecosystems. Questioning the gap between the bright future that was initially planned for our species and the planet and the reality we have been living over the past 80 years, it explores the challenges that face humanity today and the urgent need for reinvention.
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Thumbnail - Pedrita
14 Dec, 2021
Pedrita - Simplesmente Maria
Broadcast in Portugal in the early 1970’s, Simplesmente Maria was a worldwide popular argentine radionovela. It was a major hit during a time in which technology-driven entertainment was rare, becoming an extraordinary cultural phenomenon. Pedrita Studio dive into this story, exploring the differences between entertainment then and now and how technology can make art and cultural production available on a global scale.
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Thumbnail - Inauguration drop
05 Mar, 2021
Inauguration Drop
Presenting exclusive and original NFT-based works by a selection of 40 talented contemporary artists, this collection marks the beginning of Ephemeral Ethernal.
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